Kendrick Lamar ”Humble” Is Now Eligible For 4X Platinum!

Kendrick Lamar Latest album ”Damn” was a huge success in the reviews and in the streams and sells as well, as the album first single ”Humble” is eligible to go 4X Platinum!

Yall probably ask yourself what the fuck that means, so no he didn’t sell that much copies of the single, the calculation is 150 streams = 1 sell, and platinum is million sales, therefore you need 150M streams (views) in order to go platinum.

Humble have about 650M Views on youtube and spotify together (without itunes, illegal downloads and physical copies) so that means he can go 4.3 times platinum!

Kendrick lamar platinum
(Kendrick Lamar debut album ”Good Kid MAAD City” platinum plaque)

So why he only eligible? The label only need to apply!
What you waiting for Kendrick?! oh well he probably just waiting for the fifth platinum, which I belive is not far away.

Who would belive that little Kendrick from Compton will get so far?
650M is almost 10% from the world population, I’m feeling proud 😉

(One of his best songs to my opinion)


Pick Of The Day: Metro Boomin – “No Complaints” feat. Offset & Drake

Metro Booming is the hottest producer in hiphop right now. Every track he puts out is fucking lit And he worked with the best artists In the hiphop scene like 21Savage, drake, Future, Migos and many more, so it’s no surprise that his new track with Offset and Drake is GOAT, a truly memorable single and that’s why we picked it for our “Pick Of The Day”.

Give it a listen and write down in the comments what you thought about this single.

Quotable Lyrics:

At 17, I wanted everything that was in store
At 23, I bought it all just to make sure, yeah, yeah
Fuck a delay (yeah)
They gotta pay (yeah)

No Complains on Youtube

New Album By Meek Mill – Wins & Losses


A new album by Mike Mill is now OUT and this shit is straight fire, The highly anticipated third studio album has 17 tracks.

Features guest appearances from Young Thug, Quavo, Future, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Lil Uzi Vert, and more… Meek’s last studio album was in 2015, “Dreams Worth More Than Money”. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 100 and sold around 246,000 album units.

Yesterday Mike teased about the album by posting on Instagram The track list flexin’ about the number of top hitting artists featured on his album.

You can buy the album on Itunes or you could catch it on Spotify


Pick Of The Day: Jay Critch “Bottom Line”

Jay Critch is an up and coming artist from Brooklyn, and the kid has talent. After his break track “Did It Again” with Rich The Kid, Jay Critch hasn’t slowed down. that’s why Rich The Kid signed him to his label “Rich Forever Music”.

Hood’s fav has put out a new music video for his single “Bottom Line” and in the video Jay Critch is cruzin around Brooklyn in a Maserati, flexin’ the streets.

Quotable Lyrics:

Remember them nights we were starving
My niggas ducking them charges
Step back, James Harden
Get the money we working the hardest

Watch On Youtube: Jay Critch Bottom Line



What We Think Of: 21 Savage

21 21 21

The Rapper that just started recording a couple of years ago, and already got a large fan base and some M’s of views on youtube (and on his bank account),

The first song 21 ever recorded, ”Picky”, already introduced us to his dark and gloomy style, speaking about not settling for shit less than what he deserves
”I like counting cash nigga, I like smoking gas nigga
200 on the dash nigga, all my cars fast (they is)
All my bitches thick (they are), I love a fat ass”

21 First mixtape ”The Slaughter Tape” got him a name in his city – Atlanta with songs like “Whoa” and “Skrtt Skrtt”, but 21 got his national recognition later, when he released “Red Ops” and went on a tour with Lil Uzi Vert.

On one of his interviews, when 21 had 13M views on the Red Ops video before he dropped the EP, he was asked if he knew that the song will be such a success (Reminder: 21 is not signed to any label,

Up And Coming: Mala Luna Festival 2017


This year Mala Luna Is bringing the best Of the Best this year and a lot of hot artist are fucking with this fastival, just to name a few: Future, Lil Wayne, Migos and Playboi Cartii.

The fastival will take place in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday Oct 28, 2017  –  Sunday Oct 29, 2017, It’s great to see how Future is trapping hard and promoting the trap scene and getting it to the more vanilla mainstream crowds and with two albums debuting at the top of Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

Playboi Cartii will be there, an up and coming artist with a savage banging track released earlier this year with a brand new ill music video, Mangolia.

Tickets for the two days are for sale at $175 a pre ticket, It’s not that much for the chance to see superstar artists perform in just two days. Comment below If anyone of y’all plans to catch Mala Luna this year.

With all of this in mind, it’s obvious that 2017 Mala Luna Festival is going to be lit af. Buy your tickets here.


Watch On Youtube: Mala Luna 2016 San Antonio.

What We Think Of: Kodak Black

We all know the Project Baby, The rapper that can paint a perfect picture with his lyrics and slaughter any of beat.

Kodak been rappin since he was a youngin, at the age of 12. he had respect from the older people around him since he was not shy to spit his raps, like the other kids in his age. Getting that respect gave him entrance to the local trap house, where the local studio was.

Kodak grew up without a father, and his mother’s salary went straight to pay the bills,
therefore a youngin had to get his, doing whatever it takes to get a meal.
At a very young age he was getting into people’s houses taking cash and gold, using the ”cash for gold” service (I was 14, when I met the cash for gold man).
beside this street shit, kodak went to the studio now and then to drop a jewel on us.
Kodak for me is very motivating, he had a vision at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 he started to live it, and today at the age of 20 he is fully living his vision, it kinda like the 2pac theory when he talked like he knew he was going to die.
”They say things never go like you want it to/ so I don’t want to be the man/ I’m going to.”

A few years later Kodak is the man! shit is amazing and inspiring.
Kodak slowly built himself a name after releasing a few hits like ”SKRT”, ”No Flockin”, ”Like Dat”, ”Skrilla” and more.

Kodak been in and out of jail many times, many people trusted that he will stay out but he kept getting in trouble with the law. He is currently on house arrest for one year (till’ june 5, 2018) and on probation for 5 years after that. In my opinion, as long as he won’t get blame for shit from the past, he will stay out of trouble, because this is really his last chance.

I fuck with Kodak heavily, since his project baby shit till now, I hope he will stay focused on the rap and keep on growing – mentally and financially.

Comment your thoughts on the Project Baby and enjoy the music!