Kendrick Lamar ”Humble” Is Now Eligible For 4X Platinum!

Kendrick Lamar Latest album ”Damn” was a huge success in the reviews and in the streams and sells as well, as the album first single ”Humble” is eligible to go 4X Platinum!

Yall probably ask yourself what the fuck that means, so no he didn’t sell that much copies of the single, the calculation is 150 streams = 1 sell, and platinum is million sales, therefore you need 150M streams (views) in order to go platinum.

Humble have about 650M Views on youtube and spotify together (without itunes, illegal downloads and physical copies) so that means he can go 4.3 times platinum!

Kendrick lamar platinum
(Kendrick Lamar debut album ”Good Kid MAAD City” platinum plaque)

So why he only eligible? The label only need to apply!
What you waiting for Kendrick?! oh well he probably just waiting for the fifth platinum, which I belive is not far away.

Who would belive that little Kendrick from Compton will get so far?
650M is almost 10% from the world population, I’m feeling proud 😉

(One of his best songs to my opinion)


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