Pick Of The Day: Jay Critch “Bottom Line”

Jay Critch is an up and coming artist from Brooklyn, and the kid has talent. After his break track “Did It Again” with Rich The Kid, Jay Critch hasn’t slowed down. that’s why Rich The Kid signed him to his label “Rich Forever Music”.

Hood’s fav has put out a new music video for his single “Bottom Line” and in the video Jay Critch is cruzin around Brooklyn in a Maserati, flexin’ the streets.

Quotable Lyrics:

Remember them nights we were starving
My niggas ducking them charges
Step back, James Harden
Get the money we working the hardest

Watch On Youtube: Jay Critch Bottom Line




2 thoughts on “Pick Of The Day: Jay Critch “Bottom Line””

  1. Great article keep up the good work!
    i suggest you to put maybe a playlist in the backrgound? that will be playing while you are surfing through the site?


  2. He will blow up in 2k18 he up next for sure nice work I see u getting better everytime Im coming here to read keep up boys.


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