What We Think Of: 21 Savage

21 21 21

The Rapper that just started recording a couple of years ago, and already got a large fan base and some M’s of views on youtube (and on his bank account),

The first song 21 ever recorded, ”Picky”, already introduced us to his dark and gloomy style, speaking about not settling for shit less than what he deserves
”I like counting cash nigga, I like smoking gas nigga
200 on the dash nigga, all my cars fast (they is)
All my bitches thick (they are), I love a fat ass”

21 First mixtape ”The Slaughter Tape” got him a name in his city – Atlanta with songs like “Whoa” and “Skrtt Skrtt”, but 21 got his national recognition later, when he released “Red Ops” and went on a tour with Lil Uzi Vert.

On one of his interviews, when 21 had 13M views on the Red Ops video before he dropped the EP, he was asked if he knew that the song will be such a success (Reminder: 21 is not signed to any label,


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